ILÉ EROS is a polished casual restaurant that celebrates Nigerian Cuisine. Our menu takes a whole new approach to Nigerian food applying Haute cooking techniques and Avant Guard presentation to deliver recipes that are tasty, filling and mind blowing. We pay attention to approachable and attentive service with an upscale dining space that combines trendy aesthetics with a not so uptight ambiance. A destination worthy experience which tells a story of beautiful designs, trendy flavors, and diverse menu options, iLÉ ÉROS is a true touch of Nigerian luxury.



Here at ILÉ EROS, we work with only the best food suppliers, ensuring that we always have the highest quality and freshest ingredients. You’ll find a good variety of meals made to satisfy any taste.


Indoor & Outdoor Dining Area

ENJOYABLE & comfortable


Ilé is a vibe

Welcome to ILÉ EROS. We are a polished casual restaurant that fuses authentic Nigerian flavors with modern culinary techniques carefully curated to deliver a splendid gastronomic experience. Before you dine, here are our rules of engagement.

You must come hungry;
You must be familiar with polished dining;
You must understand that good food is cooked with love;
You must be willing to seat like royalty and be attended to in style;
You must have a pleasant deposition whilst being attended to;
You must send your compliments to the chef;
Lastly, You must return for another experience soon.

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Chicken Guy

United Kingdom Est. 2006

As a university student, Chicken was the go-to food item. During a house warming party, I made awesome chicken and turned it into a business. Fresh chicken thighs, my special marinade and a few hours in the freezer, Chicken Guy was ready to be a party at any party.

La Saison Restaurant

Lagos Est. 2009

At the age of 21, I took the bold move to invest all I made from Chicken Guy and then some from my mum into what would start my journey in the Nigerian culinary Industry.

Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template
Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template

Cookie Jar Bakery

Lagos Est. 2012

A few years after La Saison, I had a dream, literally. It would become the beginning of a new age of Nigerian pastries. Our cookies were gourmet, our cakes were fine and our treats were decadent. Today, we are still on top of the game.

Eros & Gourmet,

Lagos Est. 2013

Only because I loved to create fine food, I needed an avenue to channel that energy. I started small with canapés, grew bigger into finger foods and today, we are one of the most sought after fine-dining curators in the country, See GOD!

Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template
Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template

Breakfast At Eros

Lagos Est. 2017

Simply because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I created a business that delivered a balanced breakfast diet, freshly made with love, every morning. They say “everything is better with bacon”, but even those without are better for you.

Puff Puff Boutique

Lagos Est. 2017

Who doesn’t love puff puff? Dare I say that these puff puff’s are the best you will ever have. Made with love, filled with goodness, dusted with grace and shining everyday. A party without puff puff is just a meeting.

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